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So, How Do You Get The Peace of Mind In the Midst of Rising Covid-19 Cases?

Lets face it, Covid-19 will be part of our lives moving forward. Life still goes on no matter what the latest infection numbers say.

The only safe way is to remain protected and cautious in out daily routines.

The first and foremost wat is the simplest: Get FULLY vaccinated.

Instead of fancy sales pitches, or funny copywriting, we here at Restore* just want to provide solutions that work/

Life is already challenging enough, especially in 2022. What you need, in return for your hard-earned money are solution that work.

So, here they are:

The B-E-S-T Method

Boost your Immune System

Realize that Covid affects people with underlying health issues more severely than those who don’t. A strong immune system really does mitigate the effects. Restore Micro Sliced Chia is proven to boost your immune system 

Equip Yourself

Mask up and Sanitize Frequently Reduce exposure and minimize risks as you go about your daily routines. Get KN99 face masks and sanitizers here.

Know Your Stats

Blood Pressure, Blood sugar levels and oxygen levels; these are all the stats you need to keep tabs on a weekly basis. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Get your stats monitors here.

Test Often

if you meet people on a daily basis, please test daily.
Otherwise, test yourself once a week. Early detection saves lives.

Don't Take Our Word For It, Here's What Others Have To Say About Restore Micro-Sliced Chia

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Restore Micro Sliced Chia Has Already

Helped Countless People Around Malaysia…

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

Here Is Our Guarantee

Restore® Micro Sliced Chia is the ONLY superfood in the world that JUST works! You will Restore your health via the most nutrition dense FOOD in the world!

All we ask you to do is to follow the instructions EXACTLY. They are behind the bag.

But in summary,

First thing in the morning, just mix with 400-500ml of plain water and DRINK!

Wait for 30 minutes before you eat anything else.

It’s that SIMPLE!

Terms & Conditions:
1. If we run out of stock of any item, we will give you a product of equivalent value.
2. Free delivery is to peninsula Malaysia
3. Guaranteed results is provided you follow our simple instructions exactly

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