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Premium Wholesome Spaghetti Pack


FREE Restore Premium Olive Oil (250ml)
FREE 5x Spices Galore + Mushroom + Himalayan Salt

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The Premium Wholesome Pack contains

3 bags of Organic Quinoa Spaghetti (200g)  @RM 138



–    1 Bottle of  Restore Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250ml)

–    Himalayan Mineral Rock Salt (500g)

–    Organic Baby Shiitake Mushroom (50g)



FREE up to 5 X Spices Galore.

–     Natural Cayenne Pepper (50g)

–     Herbs Garden Rosemary Garlic Seasoning (25g)

–     Organic Black Pepper Powder (50g)

–     Herbs Garden Parsley Flakes (25g)

–     Herbs Garden Italian Mixed Herbs Seasoning (25g)


This promotion not only has healthy quinoa spaghetti and a variety of spices for your pasta, it also comes with REALLY healthy Himalayan Rock Mineral Pink Salt (500g).

It also comes with Restore Extra Virgin Olive Oil (250g) that is the HIGHEST quality of olive oil in the market.

The Shiitake mushrooms that come in this promo adds great taste and nutrition to your pasta.

Free shipping to Peninsula Malaysia
(note : Sabah/Sarawak shipping RM8/kg or part of kg)

Weight 3 kg
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