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Quinoa Bundle 1: 2 kg Tricolor + Olive Oil


2 kg Tricolor
1 Raw Unfiltered Raw Olive Oil


Our organic Bolivian Quinoa is a healthy and delicious alternative to rice. Grown in the Andean region of Bolivia, our quinoa is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and is a complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids.

Quinoa has a slightly nutty flavor and a delicate texture, making it a perfect addition to a wide range of dishes. Use it as a base for salads or as a delicious and healthy side dish. It is also an excellent substitute for rice, pasta, and other grains, adding a nutritious boost to any meal.

To make cooking quinoa more exciting, we are offering a promotion that includes assorted spices with your purchase of our organic Bolivian Quinoa. This bundle will add flavor and variety to your meals, making it easy to incorporate quinoa into your daily diet.

By choosing our organic Bolivian Quinoa, you are making a healthy and sustainable choice for yourself and the environment. Try it today and experience the nutritious benefits and delicious taste of quinoa!

Weight 5 kg
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