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RESTORE™ Organic Bolivian Quinoa

RESTORE™ Organic Bolivian Quinoa

How does Restore Quinoa work for you?

Best known as the KING OF SUPERFOODS made of 100% PURE ORGANIC quinoa from the mountains of Bolivia, Restore Organic Bolivian Quinoa is your excellent rice replacement for your healthy, less-sugar diet.

Many think that simply replacing white rice with brown rice is enough. They don’t know that Quinoa provides MORE healthy benefits than brown rice. Quinoa is made of dense fiber, whole protein, 10X more vitamin B9 (folic acid), rich minerals, and high antioxidants hardly found in brown rice.

Now is the time to change your life for the better with Restore Quinoa! Say goodbye to the bland-tasting brown rice you only pretend to like.

Health Benefits of Quinoa

See the power of Quinoa compared to brown rice:

Manage Digestion Issues

Help With Weight Loss

Improve Blood Sugar Level

Improve Metabolic Health

Improve Immune System

Prevent Low Blood Levels

Improve Gastric Condition

Reduce Blood Cholesterol

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Quinoa Healthy Facts

Here’s why Chia Seeds are the most powerful superfood on earth:

Frequently Asked Questions

Restore Quinoa is essentially a rice replacement. You can eat it with any meat, veggies, or other dishes that you like.

Our recommended serving size is 30g or around 3 tablespoons of Restore Organic Bolivian Quinoa. But, you’re free to adjust the size however you like.

Restore Organic Bolivian Quinoa must be stored by sealing the package and placing it in a dry place with no direct exposure to sunlight.

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